The Old Home Succumbs

The beautiful Old Home, constructed in 1928 as the Lake Auburn Home for the Aged, had a beautiful setting on the east shore of Lake Auburn in Victoria.  Now its existence is only in ink or memory, including the digital memory in this Album.  The full story is located in the (archived) January 2007 edition of the Victoria Gazette, and I also captured photos of the Old Home as it succumbed during the month of December 2006.

The story began with a sad event as the precious 1928 cornerstone was destroyed.  The Lake Auburn Moravian Church had asked that it be protected.  Its contents were retrieved, however.

The heavy metal box inside the old cornerstone was also hacked apart.  Ron and Harriet Holtmeier, left, of Victoria are pictured here with Pastor Frank Jones of the Lake Auburn Moravian Church.

Only the elevator shaft remained standing as the book was closed on the Old Home and 2006.

The End

Love, Sue