The Oil Patch:† Lake Sakakawea

After a long Valentineís Day/Presidentís Day weekend, it was time for Addie and Gunnar to go back to school on Tuesday morning, February 18th.† Jenny watches for the school bus lights up on Hwy 2.

It was a fun time in the Oil Patch.

Addie and Gunnar ready!

Itís cold but not snowing or blowing.† The sun is just starting to come up.

Itís wonderful that the bus drives right onto their yard to make a turnaround and head back to the highway.

The bus driver can see Jenny and me at the kitchen window.

Goliath looks at his breakfast with some skepticism.

Jenny has spoiled him, and the bowl better have a good dose of people food in it.

He ate it all.† Goliath loves pancakes and hotdogs.

And then it was off to the ice house.

Driving on ice is not my cup of tea, but Chris said it was about three feet thick.

The kids spend quite a few overnights on the lake.

Chris and Allan spent time getting the house ready to pull off the lake.† Isnít it almost spring!

Hi, Jenny.† You look like an Eskimo.

Look at the shoreline of jagged bluffs on Lake Sakakawea.

Itís kind of tiring taking care of us for so many days.

Jenny said thatís the first thing she always does when she gets to the ice house ó take a nap.

The ice house also makes you hungry.

Jenny and I played Connect Four and then another game called Hiss.

After school, Jenny and the kids went outside to play with Goliath.

And then they went on a walk around the farm.

Gunnar is getting very good on the guitar.† It comes pretty natural to him.

Chris gave it a little tuning.

Gunnar showed us how he can pick and how he can strum.

And he showed me his cowboy bedroom.† I love it.† I didnít get a picture of Addieís cute room this time.

But I will next time.

Little Addie has longer legs than Grandma Sue.† That last night in Tioga, Jenny drove her mama and papa to Stanley ó about a half hour away ó so we could hop on the train back to Victoria.