The New Wayzata Muni

Construction on the new municipal bottle shop and restaurant in Wayzata, MN, began in September of 2010 — after nine years of planning and studies by city staff and consultants under the leadership of Al Orsen, Wayzata City Manager and resident of Victoria who happens to be married to the editor of the Victoria.  Thus, this album page!

The place opened for the very first time by special invitation on Wednesday, April 27th, 2011, and to the public on Thursday, April 28th.

Wayzata Wine and Spirits is now one of the nicest bottle shops in the State of Minnesota.  Among a large selection of wine and spirits, it features a special construction for Minnesota wines.

Posting in the wine temperature control room are (l-r) Gene Rose Hohertz of Victoria, Mary and Greg Sumners of Chanhassen, formerly Victoria, Gina Holman (manager of the Muni), Keisa Truax (Wayzata Bar and Grill server), and Dave Holman.  Holmans are residents of Victoria.

Previous location of “The Muni” was just across the street in downtown Wayzata.

The Wayzata Bay Development Company (Presbyterian Homes) is about to begin the redevelopment of the entire 16-acre shopping center site, upon which the old muni was located.

Wayzata Wine and Spirits also features a permanent construction of a wine tasting bar.

Kim and Kevin Heenie of Victoria, owners of Island View Dining at Waconia, were on the guest list.

The new Muni was rebuilt on city-owned land this time, rather than leased land, so when the mortgage is paid off in 20 years, the bottom line will increase substantially and the city controls its own destiny.

Construction cost of the entire facility was $3.8 million.  It was financed by selling bonds that are paid off by revenue generated through sales.  Historic net revenue into the city coffers has been in the range of $250,000 per year, which is a combined total of  both the bottle shop and the restaurant sales.

“Taxpayers get the benefit,” said City Manager Al Orsen, who spoke on opening night (above at the microphone) and received accolades from Mayor Ken Wilcox (above with the striped tie) for his leadership and work in getting the project started and completed.

An inside shot of Wayzata Bar and Grill reveals tables inlaid with historic photos of the Wayzata community., several large flat screen TVs, and other comfortable décor including several booths.

Allan poses with two people who help him keep things managed at the Muni. On the left is Gina Holman of Victoria, overall manager of the facility, especially Wayzata Wine and Spirits.  On the right is Rita Schmeig Lehman, formerly of Victoria, who manages the Wayzata Bar and Grill.

The new Muni has doubled and tripled its sales since opening in its new location.

Employees and staff used a coffin motif to say farewell to the old muni before they paraded across the street to the new muni.  The sign reads:  “We are gathered here today to pay our last respects to the muni at 810 Superior Blvd.  May she rest in peace.”