The Mississippi and the Falls at St. Anthony

Before we brought Jenny and Addie to Union Depot in St. Paul that Sunday evening, the last day of July, to catch the Amtrak train back to the far side of North Dakota, we went to visit St. Anthony Falls.

First we travel through Minneapolis and a famous and familiar skyline for Jenny, where she worked as a city girl upon graduation from Carleton College in Northfield and where she acquired her MBA ó with a perfect 4.0 GPA from the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota.† What a girl!

We passed by the new USbank Stadium which we still havenít visited.† Maybe this fall or winter!

Then we arrived to see the St. Anthony Falls, and Allan told us about the history of it and how it all works.† As Jenny wrote several times in her book for Allanís recent 70th birthday, ďDad knows everything.Ē

There was other information posted nearby, and much information is also available online.† The history is amazing.

As Allan informed us, thatís the Third Avenue Bridge in the background.† In front of it is the Upper Dam of St. Anthony Falls.

Allan said thatís the Stone Arch Bridge, with buildings of Minneapolis to the left of it.

Sweet Adeline with her Grandpa Al and Grandma Sue.

You should be able to tell which pictures Jenny sent to her mama.

This is the Upper Lock at St. Anthony Falls.

This is St. Anthony Falls to the right of the Upper Lock.

Here are those three photos merged for the panoramic view we got to see in person ó from the Stone Arch Bridge to the Upper Lock to the St. Anthony Falls to the St. Anthony Falls Bridge, the bridge that collapsed during rush hour traffic on August 1st, 2007.

This is to the right of the Falls.

Hereís another panoramic view looking directly across the river from where weíre standing, toward the Guthrie Theater.

The modernist Guthrie Theater on the Mississippi River in Minneapolis was completed in 2006 at a cost of $125 million.

Jenny showed us where she worked and where she lived behind Grandmaís restaurant with fellow Carleton grad Ann Nelson after graduation.† Ann was working in one of the towers of the World Trade Center that went down in New York City on 9/11/2001.† Annís family was from Stanley, North Dakota, only a half hour from Tioga.† Stanley is where we catch Amtrak coming and going.† Itís a small and connected world, anyway you look at it.

Jenny pointed out that this is the building where she worked in downtown Minneapolis after Carleton.† At the time it was called the Norwest Operations Center.† Jenny worked in IT for Norwest Technical Services.

I caught this one, with reflections galore in this giant metropolitan area of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

As we kept driving, I spotted the St. Olaf Catholic Church in downtown Minneapolis.† Itís where Allan and I were married.

We were on our way to Fabulous Fernís for dinner.†

Itís located on Selby Avenue in St. Paul and is very familiar to us, because we know well other nearby features including the St. Paul Cathedral.

After dinner we headed for Union Station, the depot for Amtrak located on Kellogg Blvd in St. Paul.

It was another wonderful family time, gone so fast.