The MN Renaissance Festival

The Victoria Gazette was invited to Press Night at the 2017 Minnesota Renaissance Festival on Thursday, August 10th.† Itís located just south of downtown Chaska.† At our side was Cowboy Correspondent Tom Stumpf and his bride Patti.

It was a perfect evening in many ways, including the bright and balmy summer sun that slowly faded into twilight.

We appreciated the generosity of the Renaissance Festival as we enjoyed the clowning characters in costume, medieval music sung by men, maidens, and mermaids, fantastic food fare, and animals that exude a sense of wonder and mystery because they are not common in our communities.

Were elephants common in the Middle Ages?† No.

I suspect the same can be said for cheese curds and smoked turkey legs.

As a matter of fact, turkey legs would not have been found anywhere in Europe during the Middle Ages, for turkeys are a New World bird.

Iíve called this a baby kangaroo, but maybe itís not.