The Lowell Inn-2010

Allan and I first visited the historic Lowell Inn in Stillwater, Minnesota, in 1985 when we were celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary.

I was overwhelmed and impressed with all the makings and furnishings of the place and I recall exactly where we sat in the candelabra-ed dining room.

It was Allan’s idea and entirely his arrangements.  I’ve always been happy to let him do the planning and all I have to do is show up.

If you’re working the math, you might know that this year marked our 40th year of wedded bliss. 

Okay, it’s simply our 40th year of hanging out together in life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness

We were married on the Spring Equinox, March 21st, 1970.  Most people call it the first day of spring.

As usual, Allan did the planning and I showed up.  He once again chose the Lowell Inn.

         First we strolled downtown Stillwater on the sunny side of the street and meandered through each specialty shop, not looking for anything special, just enjoying the spring weather.

 In one of the antique shops I did spy some pieces for my collection of Occupied Japan. 

They’re ceramic couples, fashioned in a specific era, always attached, not standing separately, nothing fancy, not expensive, but also not abundantly available to the world at every turn.

         As the sun went down, we found ourselves doing appetizers at The Mad Capper Saloon and Eatery in downtown Stillwater, a restaurant with a funny name that’s a take-off, I suspect, on The Mad Hatter, a character in Alice in Wonderland, the book by Lewis Carroll, not the recent Movie.

The Lowell Inn is not open for dining on Sunday evenings so I was forced to forego their crab cakes and blackened scallops.

We did dinner at Marx Fusion Bistro, also in downtown Stillwater, only a couple blocks from the Lowell Inn, and were enchanted by everything that appeared before us -- especially the Duck Confit Crostini with roasted garlic and collard greens. 

Since I was dining with a duck hunter, how could we go wrong with that choice?

         Our breakfast at the Lowell Inn was outstanding, and I ordered the same menu item as I did 15 years ago, “Eggs Benedict but please cook the eggs so they’re not so runny.”

The wait staff  is extremely attentive to every wish and want.  They also gave me permission to take pictures of their elegant place and so I did, as you can see.

 I highly recommend the Lowell Inn, but don’t wait too long.

There are no elevators up to the third floor, which is where the Honeymoon Suite is located, and there are no bellboys. 

Bye Bye.