The Land of Oz

About ten hours from the varied terrain of Minnesota are the flatlands of Kansas, where Dorothy and Toto became acquainted with the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, and the Lion, among others.  The editor and her husband visited that land in September, 2002, and experienced some of the same mystical marvelous wonders of those other characters.  We were blown here by the calm of the Internet, however, and not terrible tornadic winds.  Ever hear of Glencliff?  It's a magnificent place in Independence, Kansas, near the Oklahoma border ...

As we turned off the highway, we found ourselves on a private drive leading past a large barn and stables, split rail fences, pastureland, and large fields of hay.  "Glencliff" identifies the Bed and Breakfast as well as the farm.

The drive up to the huge home was outlined with roses.  We came to learn and see that the 1920's English Tudor home was built on the edge of a huge cliff.  To walk in your sleep out the back door would be catering to catastrophe. 

Surveying the surroundings, Al feels right to home.

And so does Old Blue, the Brangus Bull on the other side of the fence.

We learned that the Brangus beef cattle were developed from a cross between Brahman and the Aberdeen Angus.  You can see that they are much bigger than Munchkens.

We heard them mooing morning, noon, and night when they were hungry or simply looking for attention.  Our personal headquarters were located in the Milk House, between cattle yards.

The Milk House had  been renovated into a modern Bed and Breakfast with all the amenities that one in this rural land could possibly ask for.

As you can see with perspective, the Milk House on the left is right next to the barn and Brangus.

Each morning we walked the Yellow Brick Road to a fine breakfast that was prepared and served by the man of the large house, Mr. Ace Johnson and his wife Marilyn.

We took advantage of the hot sun and large swimming pool built into the side of the cliff ...

and we snoozed a bit and enjoyed the backyard woodland view

and one of us got a little exercise.

Allan's favorite sports were not allowed on the property.

Horses grazed in the nearby meadows, waiting for their riding partners.

Allan got a handsome horse ...

and I was  given an old nag that kept tripping over its own hooves.

When the winds subsided, the Land of Oz became history and we landed safely in Kansas City, Missouri, for the annual American Public Works Convention, which attracts 10,000 engineers and spouses from all over the U.S. and Canada.

I liked how the colorful equipment sort of matched my shirt.

And both of us sort of liked hanging out with old friends and dancing by the light of the moon.  Hi, Floras and Paulys.  See ya when we get back to reality.

The End

Love, Sue


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