The Good Old Summertime

The melody of summer has arrived so letís sing it with gusto and gratefulness.† Summertime music floats over the grassy knoll at Lions Park in Victoria on many Wednesday evenings from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m.† The popular free concerts continue to draw young and old.† These featured photos are a few from June.

Much of the grassy knoll at Lions Park in Victoria is shaded by old and stately oaks and maples.

Dean and Kari Breitback of Victoria and son Rex.

Pat and Julie Murray of Victoria and daughters Lauren and Kayla.

Leon and Cindy Worm and son Eddie.

Helium filled balloons are a hit with all kids at the concerts.

Bud and Irene Vogel of Victoria can hear the concert music from their home, but itís not as much fun as being the park, in the open air, with others, and each other.

John and Ruth Kroening of Victoria have been traveling to Norway and Denmark and Disney World and can even squeeze in time for Concerts in the Park.

Victoria Lions working the concession stand are (l-r) John Wilhoit, Steve Ische, and Tom Schmieg.† Thatís Tom daughter Madeline enjoying summertime.

Father and son, Rick and Adam Cermak of Victoria, enjoy the concession stand sponsored by the Victoria Lions.

Hula hoops never go out of style.

Thank you, Ann Mahnke, Director of the Victoria Field House and Parks and Recreation, for organizing these concerts and for moving them from the dusty ball field to the grassy knoll.

People are invited to bring their own lawn chairs and blankets.† Golf courts work fine too.† Also baby strollers.

Friends from Community Living in Victoria enjoy the music Ö.

Ö and the dancing.

Boy Scouts are often helping out in Victoria, including at the Concerts in the Park series this summer.† Front (l-r):† Cole Dawson and Justin Eddy.† Back:† Dale Dawson, Peggy Cermak, Rick Cermak, and Adam Cermak.† The Cermak family are residents of Victoria.† All the kids are in Boy Scout Troop #337 from Victoria.

The End

Love, Sue