The Crane Domain

There may have been more cranes in Victoria than three on Tuesday, June 13th, but seeing three working in this once small hamlet of Victoria, Minnesota, all at the same time, all within a mile of each other, is rather remarkable.

RESERVE ON THE PARK is located at Park Drive, on a cul de sac between Carver Park Reserve and Highway 5.† When completed, this development by John Arthur Homes will consist of 16 homes in 8 buildings.†

The final plat was approved in July 2016.† Prices begin in the $400,000s and there are a lot of sold signs.† This corner neighborhood was formerly a farm site owned by Virginia Hedtke Stowe.

The farm home, barn, and outbuildings once on site were demolished in April 2016.

VICTORIA FLATS is located on Stieger Lake Lane and Quamoclit Street in downtown Victoria, between City Hall and KleinBank.† When completed the 117,528 square foot building by the Beard Group will consist of 81 apartment units ranging in monthly rents from $1,075 to $2,400.† Groundbreaking occurred in November 2016.

It could be ready for occupancy by the end of 2017.† The property formerly consisted of a public parking log (prior to that it was an auto body shop) and also the Bill and Lorraine Braunworth home, which was demolished in December 2016.† Thatís the Lakeside building and Stieger Lake in the background on the left.

WHISPERING HILLS is located at Kochia Lane, between Highway5 and 78th Street, adjacent to the Madelyn Creek neighborhood.† When completed, this development by M/I Homes will consist of 215 new living units.† Final plat, which was approved in June 2016, shows 24 buildings, each of them a six-unit townhome, plus 71 detached townhomes (villas).

Prices start in the $300,000s.† Only a model home is currently completed.† Dirt has been moving on these 39.5 acres for a year.† The property was formerly the home of Tony and Sally Kerber.† Their home was demolished in 2016.