The Birth of Adeline

The Story of Sweet Adeline has many beginnings, but this album page will begin with the Sunday morning when Jenny was on her way up to receive Communion at St. Dominic's Catholic Church in Northfield.  It was January 19th, 2003.  As Jenny stood in that line with many other people from this Nordic region of Minnesota, her water broke it was obvious to her, and perhaps others but the dear child of God continued forward to the altar, unabashed, and then she grabbed her  husband Christopher on the way out, and let him in on her secret as they hurriedly left the church and  followed themselves into the future.

It took quite a while -- two and a half days, to be exact -- before the awesome gift arrived.  The little angel weighed 10 pounds 5 ounces and had to be delivered, ultimately, by Caesarean Section.  Yes, it's a record weight in the Orsen family, and the Claeys family, but not the Norgaard family.  In fact, Chris has a younger brother Charlie, who is handsome and entirely within earthly bounds,  who weighed over 11 pounds at birth.  Oofda!  Pass the lutefisk and lefse!

Adeline is pretty and pleasant and perfect in every way and starts her new life with every advantage, including ten tiny fingers, ten tiny toes, and a red bow in her hair, to boot!

Grandpa Al once held his little Jenny in just this same way

Grandma Sue once nursed  her little Jenny in just this same way ...

Grandpa Al once burped his little Jenny sort of like this

And Grandma Sue once put her little Jenny to sleep sort of like this.

Christopher Thor Norgaard, loving spouse of Jenny and protective father of Adeline, spent almost every waking and sleeping moment in Jenny's room at the hospital during these past 60 hours, to keep watch over his precious family day and night.  We love you,  Chris.  We love you, Jenny.  We love you, Sweet Adeline. 

Good night, dear darling daughter, new mother, gracious child of God, exhausted in bringing forth new life.  Sleep well.  May you and Christopher cling eternally to the gifts of heaven -- wrapped yesterday and today and forever to be opened at this moment and every moment into the future.  Love you forever and ever, Amen.

The End

Love, Sue


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