The Baptism of Adeline

Sweet Adeline Susan Norgaard was baptized on Sunday, March 2nd, 2003, at St. Dominic's Catholic Church in Northfield with Father Frank Fried officiating.  It was a family affair.  There were no pictures taken during the actual baptism but it happened just the same!

Dressed at home in Northfield before Addie's big moment

and dressed again in the Mother's Room at the church.

"Tend to me, Mommy."

All ready to go to the baptismal font.

After a couple tear jerkers -- during the anointing with oil and pouring of water over her head -- the little saint fell sound asleep.

With parents, Chris and Jenny, and Godparents, Grandpa Al and Grandma Sue.

Still sleeping after baptism, Adeline gets retrofitted for the ride home in her car seat.

A kiss for Sweet Adeline.

Jenny and Chris have two tables ready for company dinner, complete with fresh bouquets of white daisies and white roses.  The ham and potatoes and cranberries and squash and salad and dessert of angel food cake with raspberries and chocolate brownies were delicious!  Thank you, children.

Then Jenny opened presents with the help of little nephew Matthew Norgaard.  That's Grandma Linda also taking pictures.

The house was full of family, including Grandma Linda and Grandpa Keith, Eric (brother of Chris) and Jana Norgaard (parents of Matthew), and Nick Orsen (brother of Jenny).

Also Grandma Sue, Grandpa Vance, Uncle Charlie and Aunt Celia Norgaard (brother and sister of Chris), and Grandma Jean, Grandma Linda, Grandpa Keith, and Uncle Eric on the kitchen side.

Uncle Nick keeps eating the chocolate brownies.

Grandma Sue keeps holding Adeline.

Everybody keeps visiting ...

and taking pictures ...

and holding Adeline

with Grandpa Vance and Grandma Jean.

with Aunt Celia, Uncle Eric, and Uncle Charlie.

And now it's the Godfather's turn.

Very nice.

The End

Love, Sue


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