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Published Online Versions of the Victoria Gazette.

January 2000 to the Present.

These abbreviated archives include headlines and bylines and some of the items from the print versions of the Victoria Gazette. The Gazette went online in the Summer of 1998 [the first newspaper in Carver County to do so] and issues were saved since January 2000. Check them out and have fun. After all, these archives are entirely free.


Searchable PDF Scans of Each Issue of the Gazette.

June 1979 to the Present.

These archives include pdfs of each issue and volume of the Victoria Gazette from the first publication in 1979 up to the most current issue. These archives represent the most complete and comprehensive history of Victoria ever written, and its all under one roof the Victoria Gazette! These archives contain personal histories, memories, stories, and photographs of old and new Victoria families plus the history and current events of Victoria groups, clubs, organizations, churches, and businesses. Significantly, these archives contain the history of Victoria since first settled in 1851 and subsequently incorporated as a city in 1915, and also the working history and current events of the City of Victoria, its city councilmembers and city staff, since the early 1980s. Read about the founding, changing, and growing days of the Victoria community. Coming.