Four Generations for Thanksgiving

You should really know who these people are by now, but in the event you’re a newcomer to this website or to the Gazette, I’ll fill you in.  Center front are my Dad and Mom (Joe and Betty Claeys, Ghent, MN).  Behind them are me and Allan (Victoria, MN).  On the left side in the photo is our son Nick, his wife Jen, and their children Sophie and Mia (Brooklyn Park, MN).  On the right side is our daughter Jenny, her husband Christopher, and their children Addie and Gunnar (Tioga, ND).

All eyes on Christopher.

Jenny plays Hide ‘n Seek with her little nieces.  Look at the curly hair!

That old board game was a favorite of Jenny and Nick when they were little, and I still have most of the pieces.

You can’t walk by our bumper pool table without striking up a game.

Gunnar played a few chords for us and also picked “Ode to Joy.”  We loved it.

I gave Gunnar the guitar for his First Communion back in the spring of 2013.  Mom and Dad were with us to Tioga.

 Sophie likes to sit at my piano, but it’s Addie who played Jingle Bells and other tunes for me.

It’s always nice to have someone carve my turkey.  The 23.5 pounder was moist and delicious.

Jenny snapped a photo with her phone of our digging in.

One more group photo!  That’s my little brother Paul (Marshall, MN) on the far right.  My parents drive all the time at home, but Paul drives them to “faraway places” like Branson, Missouri, and Victoria, Minnesota.  That’s my sister Barb (Prior Lake, MN) on the couch, far left.  That’s her granddaughter Carly in front.  Who’s taking the picture for me?  Carly’s boyfriend Ben.

Daughter, Sister, Aunt, and Grandma Sue