Thanksgiving Day ~ 2013

My turkey was moist, my potatoes were mashed, my fruit was fresh, my bacon-broccoli salad served up seconds and thirds, my pumpkin pie was homemade, our kids and grandkids were delicious.

The last thing before calling everyone to eat is getting the turkey carved and plated.

After dinner and dishes were done, we settled into paper plates and pumpkin pie.

Hi, Jenny and Christopher.

Hi, Nick and Jen.

The Norgaards Addie, Jenny, Gunnar, Chris.

One more time.

The Orsens Nick, Sophie, Jen, Mia.

One more time.

Gunnar was on his way back outside to cut more wood to build a log house.

Grandpa Al helped him with some of the bigger pieces.

Sophie and Addie found a movie to watch together downstairs.

And they found Mia and a movie to watch upstairs on Grandma Sues tiny lap TV.

Gunnar is looking for squirrels in our trees.

He spends most of his time outside when hes at our place.

Sophie and Addie circle things in the toy catalogues so Grandma Sue has a clue for Christmas.

As you can see, it started to snow that afternoon and so part of our Thanksgiving was white.

Addie and her mommy are good pals, like Jenny and her mommy.

Thanksgiving Day ~ 2013