Thanksgiving Day  ~  2012

It was really early this year — Thursday, November 22nd.  The kids and grandkids were here for my Turkey Dinner.  We ate and played and took lots of pictures.  Some of these are from Jenny.

Gunnar spent much of his time hunting squirrels in our yard.

We still have Nick’s old BB gun and Gunnar is a very good shot, having taken gun lessons in Tioga.

I found Addie playing with my Nativity set, the same one she played with when she was a baby, and the same one that her mama played with when she was a baby.

Addie likes her hats, which are always color coordinated.

The Norgaards.  Hi, Jenny.  Hi, Christopher.

Addie is good at Bull and Ring but Grandma Sue is better.

Gunnar is a pro with games on our iPads.  So is Addie.  Mia is interested.

Sophie is the little girl with the curl in the middle of her forehead, eating grapes.

While eating cookies, Sohie stopped at the pink and pretty pages in Grandma Sue’s catalog. 

Grandma Sue is on the wrong page.

Mia likes Grandma’s chair.

Finding the Barbie toys.

Gunnar asked for a turkey leg.

Said Gunnar, “It’s really big.”  It came from a 22-pound bird.

Grandpa Al eats with Mia on his lap for a while.

Look at these curly tops!

The game is Chutes and Ladders.

Sophie and Mia take a juice break with a Dora movie.

Jenny took this picture of Sophie at the piano.

Grandma Sue got this picture of Sophie dancing with Santa.  On my video, Jenny dances with them too.

Looks like the pink one goes faster.

Now both of Grandma’s scooters have baskets.

Gunnar shows Mia some tricks on my iPad.

Addie and Gunnar have become friends with the neighbor kids Blake and Faith.

Jenny found Sophie downstairs in the exercise room.

It doesn’t go as far as the scooter.

A hug for Mia.

Auntie Jenny loves her little nieces.

Jenny and I played with Sophie and Mia while Addie and Gunnar played with the neighbor kids.

Uncle Chris taught Mia how to ride the scooter, one foot on, one foot off.

Hi, Gunnar.

Time with Mommy.  Hi, Jen.

Time with Daddy.  Hi, Nick.