Thanksgiving Day 2010

Both our children Jenny and Nick and their families came for the Thursday Thanksgiving dinner — by train from Tioga, North Dakota, and by car from Brooklyn Park, MN.  Thank you, Jenny, and also Allan for contributing some of these pictures to my album.

Sophie wanted Grandma Sue to sit by her immediately so we had to change the subject for a little while.

Allan had his camera handy so snapped a couple pictures of my dinner table.  The turkey was very good.

Addie and Gunnar both looked forward to playing with their little cousin Sophie.

Sophie hugs Grandpa Al.

Mia likes Grandpa Al, too.

Thank you, Jenny, for getting some pictures of us with the grandchildren, and Elizabeth, an American Girl.

Grandma Sue always has a good variety of fresh fruit for the kids and seldom any sweets.

Sophie has always been a good hugger.

Addie is already a very good babysitter and she’s not even 8 years old yet (but will be on January 21st).

Playing with Grandma’s puzzles.

Gunnar always begs to hold the babies. 

Sometimes Mama Jen got to hold her babies, too.

Nick’s big piece of remote-control equipment from the garage was a hit with Gunnar.

Uncle Christopher also liked to play with Mia.

Then it was time for Nick and Jen to take their babies home because they were getting very sleepy.  By the way, we also sang Happy Birthday to Nick and had presents for him.  Born on November 26th, 1972, he was our Thanksgiving baby.

The next day Jenny and I took Addie and Gunnar to the Mall of America where they waited in line to ride the big roller coaster like big kids.

Can you see the orange roller coaster speeding above the play land?  Addie and Gunnar are in the back seat.

Addie finds the rolleer very exciting.  Gunnar is very brave to go along for the ride.

The hot air balloon ride was also inviting.

After the hot air balloon ride, all four of us rode on the Merry Go Round and then ate at the Rain Forest.

Grandma and Grandpa have sleds and a good hill for sledding.  Go, Gunnar!

Go, Addie!

Love, Grandma Sue