Thanksgiving Birthdays

For many years now, ever since Nick was born on November 26th, 1972, we celebrate his birthday almost directly along with Thanksgiving.  .

It's works out good to celebrate Jen's birthday at the same time because she was born on December 3rd, exactly one week after Nick, only a couple years later.

Nick loves to open presents.

Addie loves to help open presents.

Hi, Jenny and Christopher.  Did Gunny drop an orange peel?

Time for Allan to get in the picture.

Hi, Big Bright Eyes.

Time for Gunny to get in the picture too.

And Grandma Sue, too.

Addie loves Auntie Jen.

"This is how you do it, son."


One for Nick and one for Jen.

Addie and Gunnar carried the cakes to Nick and Jen.  "Happy Birthday to you "

And they huffed and they puffed and the house was still standing.

Love, Mom