Thanksgiving ~ 2011

Everyone was home for Thanksgiving — Jenny and her family from Tioga, ND, and Nick and his family from Brooklyn Park.  It was a wonderful time together.

Jenny and Christopher and kids arrived by train that morning into the St. Paul Depot around 12 noon, which was five hours late because of a storm in Seattle.  Allan picked them up while I worked on the Thanksgiving dinner.

Addie kept her jammies on all day.

Nick and Jen have birthdays at Thanksgiving time and so we kill two (or three) birds at one time.

Sophie has learned about opening presents.

Mia comes to help check things out.

Addie and Gunnar both read stories to Sophie, and also to Grandma Sue.

Mia studies her parents’ smart phones.

Sophie played with her dad and my camera kept taking pictures.

Gunnar and Sophie played outside for a while.

Jenny and Allan took naps.

Love, Mom