Thanking Firefighters One At a Time

Members of the Victoria Fire Department were recognized and thanked by Victoria City Councilmembers and Staff on Monday evening, February 22nd, 2010, for their efforts during a January 7th house fire in the Victoria neighborhood on the west side of Lake Auburn and for their continued work and dedication to the community.

Three members of the Fire Department were presented plaques that recognized singular heroism as they entered the home under blazing fire and rescued a resident, saving her life: Firefighter Bill Blinstrup, Firefighter Steve Dahl, and Firefighter Troy Walsh.

Four other members of the Department received recognition from Fire Chief Tim Walsh for their work at the house fire: Andrew Heger who was the first firefighter on the scene, Bruce Osborn who drove the tanker truck, Jon Wongdock who worked in operations, and Rick Leuthner who provided support.

At the suggestion of Mayor Mary Thun, councilmembers and staff shook hands with each of the Victoria firefighters who were in the audience that Monday evening to support to their fellow firefighters.

Thank you to each of the 35 members of the Victoria Fire Department: Thank you, Tim Walsh, Andrew Heger

Thank you, Gary Sohns, Jon Wondock, Tim Stedman, Troy Walsh, Aaron Jurek

Thank you, Jake Keehl, Keith Breckheimer, Tony Dollerschell, Rick Leuthner, Scott Lumby, Brian Pulvermacher

Thank you, Bill Blinstrup, Jason Hesse, Erik Kemppainen, Jeff Nordeen, Joe Forrer, Russ Wall, Bruce Osborn, Laura Wood, Cory Muonio ...

Thank you, Tom Walsh, Mat Weber, Dave Shoger, Kari Nordeen, Mike Coumbe, Steve Hardek , Curtis Klint, Steve Dahl, Glen Row, Dean Adams, Clint Matvik, Bryan Pyne, Justin Jurek.