Thank You, Fred Plocher

Love, Sue and Allan, too.

Fred Plocher of Victoria was honored and recognized by the Deer Run Board of Governors on Friday evening, June 15th, 2012, at the Deer Run Golf Course.  He wasn’t expecting it.  It was a total  surprise.

Allan and I joined Fred and several of Fred’s golfing fiends at a table at the Deer Run Golf Club for dinner, explaining we were there simply as guests of Deer Run Golf Pro Tom Abts, for summer fun and hospitality.

There was a nice crowd of golfers at the Club House that evening, and the program involved the awarding of golf prizes for various feats on the golf course that afternoon.

Since it was a fun gathering of old friends, Nan Emmer got up to snap a few photos.

And then it was announced that someone was being specially recognized and honored that evening.

Stan Hamerski (peach shirt) and Jim Emmer (blue shirt) called Fred Plocher up to the front.  Stan and Jim are members of the Deer Run Board of Governors.

It was exactly 20 years ago that six homes at Deer Run were part of the Street of Dreams that drew over 55,000 people to Victoria to tour some of the first newly constructed homes on the 18-hole golf course.  Today the Deer Run neighborhood encompasses nearly 300 homes.

Jim read the plaque.  Standing in the background of this photo (far left) is Manager Tom Abts.

A photo of the principles of the evening (l-r):  Stan and Jayne Hamerski, Jim Emmer, Fred and Mary Sue Plocher, and Nan Emmer holding Fred’s plaque.

It will be mounted at the summit of the 15th tee box at Deer Run.  It reads:  “On August 20th, 1989, Deer Run Golf Club opened for play ...

“This picturesque golf course was once the McKnight horse ranch and country retreat, Victoria Farms.  Fred Plocher purchased the McKnight property and created one of the most successful golf communities in Minnesota.  Through skillful use and understanding of the land, Mr. Plocher developed a gorgeous golf course surrounded by a beautiful neighborhood ...

“In recognition and appreciation of Mr. Plocher’s vision, we dedicate his achievement here at the summit of the 15th tee box.  Directly to the southwest is Lake Wasserman, originally known as Plocher’s Lake — named for Fred’s ancestors who settled here from Germany.”

                 Allan and I were honored to be invited to the presentation evening.  Congratulations, Fred, and thank you for everything you’ve done for Victoria.  Interested parties can read the rest of your story, which is entitled, “Drawn to Develop,” at