Tater Daze with Nick and Family

We spent Sunday, June 15th, with son Nick, his wife Jen, and their little honeybuns Sophie and Mia at Tater Daze in Brooklyn Park.  The event was within walking distance of their neighborhood and it was a wonderful day, especially exciting for daredevil Sophie, age 5, and Mia, age 4.  After Sophie went on practically every ride in the park, we walked back to Nick’s where we were treated with a delicious meal on their deck and more playtime with the little ones.

Love, Grandma Sue

Back at their home, Sophie and Mia showed Grandma Sue their tomato plants, their strawberry patch, and their raspberries which were getting ready to really produce.

Grandma Helen, Jen’s mom, stopped by with a delicious Banana Crème pie.

Nobody makes better barbecued ribs than Nick Orsen.

Sophie and Mia are very good eaters.

Fare from the finest restaurant doesn’t take this good.

After dessert (Jen’s fresh lemon meringue pie was the best), there was more playtime in their backyard.

No wonder those little girls sleep so well.

Grandma Helen helps Mia do what Sophie can do.

Grandma Sue’s lap is perfect for swinging with Sophie and Mia.