Sunset Fest and Stiftungsfest

Not only was it the annual Sunset Fest at the St. Victoria Catholic Church — replete with food, beverages, and games — it was also recognition and celebration of Father Bob White’s 40th anniversary of ordination to the priesthood. 

The actual anniversary wasn’t celebrated this past June because Fr. Bob was in Spain, walking the 500-mile Camino pilgrim trail to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.  

He arrived back home in Victoria with a beard not unlike those on Duck Dynasty.  It has since been trimmed and touched up a bit, though not as groomed as that of Richard Bellert, who won the award at the St. Victoria Sunset Fest for best country western duds.  That’s Besty with his priest.

Father Bob and Gina Holman, Chair of the St. Victoria Sunset Fest — along with her husband David, and their children Victoria, Mitch, Joey, and Sadie.

Look who Allan found at the Sunset Fest — Mary Moore and Sharen Geske.

The Stiftungsfest

We arrived at Stiftungsfest in Norwood Young America in time for lunch on Sunday, August 24th.  I had a hamburger with raw onions.  Allan had a pork chop on a stick.   It was approaching 90 degrees and the humidity was high.

“What brings you here?” was the question posed to us.  Replied Allan, “Mollie B.”  And so it is.  And so it was.  Thank you, Mom and Dad, for introducing us to her last year.

In addition to having an outstanding voice, Mollie B plays several instruments, often two or three at a time.  That’s her husband Ted Lange on the accordion.  They’re billed as “Squeeze Box and Mollie B.”

We were only at Stiftungsfest for two or three hours out of a three-day weekend but it’s well worth it.

Editor Sue