Sun and Storm at Sea ~2007

All right, it was not the sea; it was Lake Minnetonka.  See the sun?  Keep an eye on the clouds.

Cooling off by Big Island.  Hi, Nick.  Hi, Jen.

The water was wonderful.

Come on, Captain Al.  Jump in and join us!

Fine, take a nap now then.

Me, too.

Time out.

When it started to get dark in the middle of the day, boats pointed in one direction -- toward home.

The geese didn't seem to notice any of the commotion.

As we neared one of the bridges, the rain was still rather light.

Then the worst hit us so Jen and I stepped below to stay dry.

Allan and Nick got drenched.  Waves were rough from all the boats as much as the weather.

We made it back safe and enjoyed the rest of the Fourth of July just hanging out at home.