Summer Boating-2004

Where has the summer gone?  The green in our maple leaves has become orange and red and gold, and people have celebrated fall festivals.  As our boat is being put away, I get a lump in my throat because it marks the end of another good season.  Sometimes when we're out on Lake Minnetonka, I take pictures so that I can keep part of the summer forever. 

Hi, dear daughter Jenny and sweet Miss Adeline.  July seems long ago.

Hi, good son Nick and son in law Christopher.

Sometimes we dock at Maynard's in Excelsior.

Sometimes we dock at Lord Fletchers in Spring Park.  Do you love the hats?!

Grandma Sue and Addie Sue both love to feed the seagulls.

Hi, Mom and Dad.  Glad you could join us on Lake Minnetonka this summer.

People in our family like hats.

Hi, Jan Flora, friend from Fridley.

Hi, John Flora, friend from Fridley.

Big Island, lined with summer boaters, is often like a Big Town on the lake.

Hi, sweet peas.  It's nice that you can be with us often.

Hi, glamour girls.

Grandpa Al usually tries to have "can-can" for Miss Adeline.

Full speed ahead.  Uncle Nick keeps watch as Addie falls asleep on her mommy's shoulder.

In the shades, brother and sister.

Hi, Pauline and Pat Ahern, residents of Chaska and fellow graduates of Minneota High School.

Hi, Mary Moore, good Victoria friend.

Hi, Robert and Christine Meller!

When the Wayzata City Manager and his wife and the Wayzata City Attorney and his wife hang out for an afternoon on Lake Minnetonka, it is not called schmoozing.  Did I say Wayzata?

Sometimes we stop in Wayzata for an art fair or bite to eat.

The City of Wayzata built public docking in front of the Sunset's Restaurant.

As City Manager of Wayzata for almost 30 years, Allan is proud of the hand he's had in making the city beautiful, not to mention, the envy of others.

The Wayzata Depot was restored many years ago already.

Still known as the "Boatworks," this building now houses a restaurant called the "North Coast."

This old world building is, in fact, new world.  Today it is owned by Twin City Federal.

The End.

Love, Sue