Summer's Lake Minnetonka

Our summers on Lake Minnetonka began many years ago when Jenny and Nick were very young children and they loved to ski or be pulled on tubes and kneeboards.  Our time on Lake Minnetonka still often includes the kids and also friends, but mainly and mostly it's become just Allan and me.  It's our getaway for a couple of hours or a whole day, whatever we can spare.  There's an ambience and activity on Lake Minnetonka that is not duplicated elsewhere.  We love it.  It literally lengthens the days of our lives and renews our spirit as nothing else does.

Whooooosh goes our wide wake, and the wind whips away our beads of sweat on a hot and sultry day.

Sailboats against the backdrop of a  blue horizon or a lush island of greenery delight my senses and remind me of pirate day stories and the discovery of America in 1492 when Columbus sailed the ocean blue … and sea travel was dependent on winds and mighty sails.

Replicas of colorful double and triple deck paddle boats also bring to mind stories of the old days when river and lake travel was more for transportation than entertainment.

Dozens of modern big and little boats anchor along the sandy and shallow side of Big Island for hours and sometimes days of swimming and sunbathing as family and friend tie up together.  Music often abounds across the bounding waves.

The Sheriff's patrol boat keeps an eye out for those lake users with engine trouble or an empty gas tank or those not following the rules of the lake.

In no-wake channels, boaters become better acquainted as friendly waves and smiles cross between close-up views of captains and passengers passing by.

The is a close-up view of Captain A.W. Orsen. 

Many of the homes on Lake Minnetonka are dressed up pretty as a picture.

Some of the homes on Lake Minnetonka are definitely family homes with fine beaches.  This one lies in the city limits of Victoria.  In fact, it was built by Mayor Mary and Mike Meuwissen of Michael Homes and was featured in a recent Twin Cities Parade of Homes.

Some of the homes are unusually expansive and exceptionally beautiful.

Lake Minnetonka offers many places to stop and eat, including Maynard's in Excelsior.  Sometimes we also go to Lord Fletcher's or the Minnetonka Mist.  Sometimes we simply drive by.

A streetcar boat called the Minnehaha once carried visitors from Excelsior to hotels and restaurants on Big Island.  See the seagulls?

Whooshing away into the wild blue yonder, we make time for slow and time for fast.

When wildlife crosses our path, we cruise slowly a while.  See the goose tipping over?

I always marvel at the ability of seagulls to find posts and perch on them without falling off.

"Allan, I want to feed the birds.  Would you pass the popcorn up to me?"

The beady eyes can spot a piece of popcorn tossed into the air from a mile away, it seems.  Okay, it's only a few yards, and they're accustomed to being spoiled by boaters.

Popcorn here, popcorn there, popcorn everywhere!  Seagulls swoop and swerve to steal every piece … almost from my hands. 

Another ritual on Lake Minnetonka is the regatta.  These yacht races, a major sporting event of the weekends, are in stark contrast to nearby jet skis and high powered speedboats. 

Also breathtaking is the sunset as we cross under the bridge near the home slip.

Sunrise, sunset, sunrise, sunset, swiftly flow the days; Seedlings turn overnight to sunflow'rs, Blossoming even as we gaze.  Sunrise, sunset, sunrise, sunset ...

The End

Love, Sue


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