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December 2017

Latest issue of the Victoria Gazette



Also new for December 2017:

Lions Pavilion Underground Work

After demolition of the shelter, waterline and foundation installed.


Lions Pavilion Walls and Trusses

Walls and trusses go up and building gets shingled.


Thanksgiving 2017

Our kids and grandkids arrive for turkey dinner.


Happy 100th, Ethel Ausink

A portion of those 100 years were spent in Victoria.


Around Victoria City Hall

An active place both inside and across the street.



These pages are getting older:

With Mom and Dad

All seven of us kids in Marshall with Mom and Dad.


Walking Play at the Arboretum

A beautiful  evening with Jim and Nan Emmer.


Open House at the Fire Station

Victoria firefighters treat the community once again.


Congratulations, Tom Abts

Named 2017 Minnesota PGA Golf Pro of the Year


Fall Festival with Nick and Family

Including Minnesota’s largest corn maze in Brooklyn Park.



and these pages seem like only yesterday:

Nickle Dickle and Apple Day

Community Events in Waconia and Excelsior.


Ridgeview at Enki

Ridgeview Medical Center partners with Enki Brewing.


Last Classic Car Night

And also the last day of summer.


The Blessing House

With Gail Berger and the home on Lake Wassermann.


Regarding Dentistry

Open house at a fancy new dental office.


Victoria’s New Postmaster

A reception and oath of office for Karla Bogucki.

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