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February 2018

Latest issue of the Victoria Gazette



Also new for February 2018:

Night Lights

Our winter yard in the evening, just before dark sets in.


Momís 91st Birthday

We were at Mom and Dadís on January 16th.


City of Snow and Ice

Victoria is not just a City of Lakes and Parks.



These pages are getting older:

Christmas in Downtown Victoria

Santa, Singers, and Sleigh Rides!


Christmas at Sovereign Winery

Acres of lights and displays near Victoria.


Christmas at Good Samís

A musical rendezvous courtesy of St. Victoria.


Christmas with Parents and Friends

Memories gathered around the table.


A Tiny Glimpse of New in Victoria

And a short ride around town for the New Year.


Christmas With Our kids

Thereís nothing better in the whole wide world.



Ö and these pages seem like only yesterday:

Lions Pavilion Underground Work

After demolition of the shelter, waterline and foundation installed.


Lions Pavilion Walls and Trusses

Walls and trusses go up and building gets shingled.


Thanksgiving 2017

Our kids and grandkids arrive for turkey dinner.


Happy 100th, Ethel Ausink

A portion of those 100 years were spent in Victoria.


Around Victoria City Hall

An active place both inside and across the street.

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