The occasion was the annual St. Victoria Volunteer Appreciation Dinner held on Tuesday evening, May 1st, at Island View Country Club in Waconia.  Church staff members were dressed in garb from yesteryear in recognition of the 150th year anniversary of the founding of the St. Victoria, and they performed in song and dance to the amusement of the dinner audience numbering about 180.

Left to right:  Julie Schmieg (Director of Support Services); Mary Catino (Receptionist); Patty Schlader (Director of Shared Ministries), Joni Jeurissen (Administrative Assistant), Mary Harvey (Communications Supervisor).

Left to right:  Deacon Paul Kammen (who is being ordained a priest on May 26th, 2007, at the Cathedral of St. Paul), Father Bob White (St. Victoria Parish Priest), and Joni Jeurissen.

The fellow in the Franciscan frock is Ray Ortman, the Deacon and Parish Administrator at St. Victoria.

Left to right:  John Wall (St. Victoria Maintenance Supervisor), Patti Schlader, and Tim Pfau (Director of Formational Ministries at St. Victoria -- once entitled CCD Director).

Still singing and dancing on stage.

Said Father Bob, "It's not about us.  It's about you."

That's Jamie Moore (Director of Music and Liturgy at St. Victoria) with the beautiful hair.  The quartet is completed by Deacon Paul, Deacon Ray, and Father Bob.

Posing with people at the editor's table, the cowboy priest joins (l-r) Mary Moore, Michelle McNallan, and Tami Slater.

My favorite cowboys!  That's Tom Stumpf on the left, longtime Cowboy Correspondent for the Victoria Gazette.

I hate name tags.

Hi, Hilda Caspers (left) and Joan Jendro (right).

After dinner and program, Hippie Tim Pfau serenaded the guests as we left the country club.  Tim should join both our choir and guitar section at St. Victoria.

Where two or three are gathered

Love, Sue