St. Victoria’s Got Talent!

Approximately two dozen members of the St. Victoria Catholic Church signed up to be part of a talent show on Sunday, August 14th.  I arrived late so missed the first couple of openers, but was able to photograph most of the subsequent performers.  They looked look good and sounded even better.

Tom Stumpf, with his guitar and vocals, did “Keep on the Sunny Side” by the Carter family and “Still Can’t Say Goodbye” by Chet Atkins.

Rich Bellert recited cowboy poetry including “The Fence That Me and Shorty Built”by Red Stegall and “Two Prayers” by Jay Snider.

Caroline Crowley, daughter of Jim and Julia Crowley, did a rendition of “I’d Lie” by Taylor Swift.

Garrett Stubson, son of Susan Stubson, performed “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele.

Gary Foehringer and his banjo entertained with an original piece entitled, “Twain on the Twack” plus the traditional “Coming’ Round the Mountain.”

Jared Dumcum, son of Jeff and Robyn Dumcum, sang “A Father’s Love” by George Strait.

Meghan Payne, daughter of Patrick and Lisa Payne, sang “Amazing Grace.”

Beatrice Grant, daughter of Phil and Maria Grant, played “Perpetual Motion” by Bohm on her violin, accompanied on the piano by her mother.

Chuck Freiberg told a story about his deceased brother Thomas and sang “Oh, Thomas,” a tribute by Marty Winkler.

Elsa Swanson, daughter of Paul and Caroline Swanson, sang “Blackbird” by Lennon and McCartney with her mother and also provided the piano accompaniment.

Jamie Moore, Director of Music at St. Victoria, sang “At this Moment” by Billy Vera.

Patty Schlader, Director of Shared Ministries at St. Victoria, introduced some church staff members who arrived to meet the bishop.

Those seeking an appointment with the bishop were (l-r) Father Bob White, John Wall (Maintenance Supervisor), Joni Wohl (Assistant Faith Formation Director), Nick Tofteland (Youth Minister),  Patty.

Deacon Ray Ortman arrived with all the pomp and circumstance of a bishop.

Megan Carver, daughter of Bruce and Brenda Carver, and Johanna Lockhorst, daughter of Mark and Christy Lockhorst, danced to “Haunted by Taylor Swift.”

When Mike Doshan disappeared from his seat in the audience that evening,  Elvis Presley arrived to perform a couple of his favorites, “Don’t Be Cruel” and “Teddy Bear.”

It  was evident that the crowd in attendance enjoyed “St. Victoria’s Got Talent!”

Love, Sue Orsen