Mom and Dad drove up for the dedication of the new church at St. Victoria on Sunday, May 8th, and then I served them and my family a delicious ham dinner.

Then we just sat around and visited.
Hi, Nick
and Mom and Dad.

Grandma Betty enticed Addie with chiclets.

Gunnar tried to eat his fist, among other things.

Hi, Baby Gun-Gun.  You're such a good boy.

Hi, Addie Sue.  You are something else!

Grandma Sue can't get enough of Gunnar.

Does Grandma look funny with a camera in front of her face?

A couple weeks earlier we had celebrated Allan's birthday.  It's April 20th.

Addie got to help Grandpa Al blow out the birthday candles and eat the strawberries.

Posing pretty.

Grandma and Addie enjoying the warm afternoon sun.

Monkey see,
Monkey do.

Sometimes the editor takes breaks to be part of community celebrations, such as the ribbon cutting ceremony when the name was changed from the Victoria State Bank to Kleinbank.

A couple times this spring, Grandma Sue got to watch the grandkids down in Northfield when Jenny put in a few hours for 3M.

Gunnar smiles and smiles, until he sees the camera in front of him.

Such a tough boy.

Go, go, Gun Gun!

The End

Love, Grandma Sue

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