Spring Break in Tioga

We went to visit daughter Jenny and family in Tioga, North Dakota, for Spring Break 2010, March 12th through 15th.  We had four wonderful days together, morning till night, till we meet again.

The End Till Next Time

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We spent fun hours at their Wii Station playing games galore.  Gunnar shows us how to bowl and get strikes.

Addie shows us good form in approaching the lanes.

Christopher bowls like Gunanr.

Gunnar won the Gold Medal, Addie the Silver Medal, and Jenny the Bronze Medal.

Then Jenny put on a feast for us — Browned and Baked Chicken Legs, Mashed Potatoes, Asparagus, Pineapple and Cherries.

Before we ate, the kids had time to make a fort in their living room with blankets and pillows.  (See in back of Grandpa Al.)

We went for a ride in the countryside.  It was warming up but still lots of snow left.

Lake Sakakawea is where they had their ice house for a while this winter until water started flooding their pad.

This is North Dakota’s version of Lord Fletcher’s and Maynard’s.

Oil wells pump all winter.

There’s lots of rugged terrain in the western part of North Dakota.

The gravel roads weren’t muddy yet.

Flames are burning off the natural gas near the oil well.

We were climbing up to sea level, or should I say lake level.

When the lake was formed by the Garrison Dam, lots of big trees drowned in the process and produced mighty big driftwood that still washes ashore.

Some people build homes nestled out in the rock formations.

See the red-roofed home tucked away in the stone?

There’s oil in them thar hills.

Back to the Wii games.  Addie created her own little blond lady as her bowling ego.

Looks who’s peeking at us from next to the game shelves.

Christopher is perfecting his form at the bowling alley.

Addie and Gunnar did a good job of creating Grandpa Al’s look-alike.

Members of the rapturous audience.

The other part of the rapturous audience.

We also played tennis and golf.

And other games …

Games that involved target practice.

And Crazy Eights.

Addie is a good shuffler.

And she giggles a lot.

Go Fish is also popular at the Norgaard home.

Getting pretty for church and Sunday School.

This is their ice house now parked on land.  Pretty spacious inside.  Sleeps six.

Spied a truck with the name Watne from Gully, MN on it.  Christopher’s Grandma Vi at Gully was a  Watne before she got married to a Norgaard.  Small world.

Christopher takes advantage of his mother in law’s barber skills.  Check out the size of his chair.

Check out the good job.

Checking out for the night.  Addie gives up her big queen size bed for us when we visit and Gunnar is happy for the company in his bunks.

Morning comes early on school days.

Dressed for cold North Dakota winds, Addie watches for the school bus.

There it is!!

“Bye, Grandma.  Love you.”   Look how big Addie Sue is getting!

The bus driver is the Lutheran pastor in town, a very nice man who caters to the kids, especially Addie.

Now it’s Gunnar’s turn for hugs and getting dressed for the day. Sitting in Addie’s room..

Gunnar had three birthday presents and parties that day after preschool.  Mama Jenny had everything ready for him.

Dad helps Gunnar out of the pickup truck.

And then we got on the road to Minot for our flight back to Minneapolis.  Thank you for everything, Jenny and Chris.  See you soon. 

Addie created her own Wii person too.  Check the shades.

And Gunnar designed his own Wii person.  Check the brown stocking hat.  Brown brown go to town. 

Grandma Sue doesn’t look too bad from behind.