Sophie is Two!

Sophie was two years old on Saturday, October 30th, 2010, and her mommy and daddy had a birthday† party for her and a delicious spaghetti and meatball dinner with fine China and stemware, and with both sets of grandparents and Nickís childhood friend Matt Shaw.† Grandma Sue got baby sister Mia to take a long nap during much of the festivities, and I also got Mia to smile when she woke up.

Sophie didnít hardly know what to make of it, when we sang Happy Birthday to her.

All the attention made her shy.

And then we clapped for her, too.

Happy Birthday, Sweet Sophia.

Time to wash the hannies after done eating.

The little princess, indeed.† Grandma Helen placed the crown on just right.

Mommy Jen passed out the other presents to her little girl, one at a time.

Grandpa Al helped get Elmo unhooked from all the packaging.

When Sophie tickled Elmoís tummy, he got the giggles and talked to her.

Sophie loved her Dream Kitchen from Grandma Sue and Grandpa Al.

Hi, Mia.† You look like such a big little girl when you wear real clothes like your big sister.

Oops, Sophie, I didnít get you in the picture this time!

See you soon, Mia.

Love, Grandma Sue

What doe Uncle Matt have for little Sophie?

A baby doll always touches the tender heart of Sophie.

And she comes with her own jammies.