Sophie is One!

Little Sophie was one year old on October 30th.  Nick and Jen had a birthday party for their little girl on Saturday, November 7th.  The kids from Tioga came special for the party (Auntie Jenny is Sophie’s Godmother) and Jen’s parents, Dave and Helen from Waskish came, and also Nick’s friend Matt Shaw and his wife Michelle.  It was a big day for Sophie and she fell asleep upstairs in Grandma Sue’s arms.

Sophie gets lots of exercise crawling up their steps.

Sophie is Daddy’s girl …

… and Mommy’s girl.

Grandma Helen showed Sophie some of her new toys.

Jenny with daughter Addie and goddaughter Sophie …

… and son Gunnar.

Sophie and cousin Hannah, a niece of Jen’s.

My two kids, Jenny and Nick with the birthday girl.

Matt and Nick grew up together in our neighborhood and are still friends.

Cousin Hannah made the beautiful birthday cake.

Hi, Birthday Girl.  Grandma’s going to get you!

All the little kids took turns opening Sophie’s presents.

Hi, Addie Sue.

Matt and his wife Michelle have two little boys, Mattie and Tommy.

Love, Grandma Sue

Jenny had her camera along from Tioga and was also taking pictures at Sophie’s birthday party.  Some of them included me.  Thank you, Jenny, for including your mama.  Love you.