Sophie is Five

Happy 5th Birthday, Sweet Sophia

Sophie turned five on October 30th, 2013.  Wasn’t it only yesterday that I watched Sophie learn to roll over, then crawl and climb, and then walk and run?  Yes, the world is moving faster than ever.

Sophie is wearing cowboy boots from Aunt Jenny.  They were Addie’s.

Sophie is riding a bike that is interactive with a game that’s on TV.  The Smart Cycle is also from Aunt Jenny.  It was a favorite of Gunnar’s.

Mia laughs at Grandma Sue and doesn’t let me take a posed picture of her like Sophie did.

Sophie really gets into things.

Thank you, Jen, for making Nick get in the picture, and thank you both for supper and birthday cake.

Mia is a stinker.  See those rollerskates in the background?  They’re from Aunt Jenny also, a pair for both little girls that belonged to Addie and Gunnar, that were Christmas gifts a while back from Grandma Sue.

Love, Grandma Sue