Sophia is Baptized

The date was Sunday, December 7th, 2008.  The location was St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church in Osseo, the church Nick and Jen joined just a little ways down the road from their home. 

Said Father Jack Long, “I baptize you in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit …”

Sophie didn’t let out a peep.

Clap so Sohpie, a baptized child of God.

Addie and Gunnar watched along with Grandpa Al and Grandpa Dave, Jen’s dad.

Then we all gathered around Sophia.

Posing with Sophia’s Godparents, Jen’s oldest brother Eric on the left and Nick’s sister Jenny.

Just waiting around to go to Uncle Nick’s house.

Another picture for good measure.

Daddy puts his little girl down to stretch out a little bit.

Pretty little Sophia.

Mommy’s turn.

Grandma Sue’s turn.

Grandma Sue’s turn.

Grandma Sue’s turn.

Cousin Addie’s turn and hello to Grandma Helen.

Grandpa Al checks things out.

Uncle Godfather Nick remembers that Gunnar’s birthday is just around the corner. 

Nick always picks out the best presnts.

Finally Gunnar gets to hold his little Cousin Sophie.

Thank you, Jen and Nick, for a delicious lunch.  It was wonderful.

Love, Mom