Six Days in Tioga, ND


We left Victoria on Tuesday, July 21st, at 8:30 a.m. and arrived on their doorstep at 6:30 p.m.† Itís lighter longer in the west so it seems like thereís still half a day left when we get there.††

Hi, Addie.† Hi, Goliath.† Hi, Jenny.† Every evening Jenny put an outstanding meal on the table like BBQ Pulled Chicken and Steak Shish Kabobs and delicious salads with fresh produce from their garden like spinach, kale, lettuce, onions, and carrots and homemade desserts from recipes by Trisha Yearwood.

Hi, Gunnar.† Our biggest daytime adventure was on Lake Sakakawea where they have a slip for their powerful tri-toon that goes faster than our boat on Lake Minnetonka.†

Hi, Christopher.† As Iíve said before, being on this lake is like being in another world, certainly a state other than North Dakota.

As you can see, Jenny took some pictures too, with her phone.

It has rained before when we were on this lake, which is nearly 200 miles long, but itís never a cold rain.

Some nights were another big adventure when we rode their sport vehicles around the yard.† One night Jenny took me for a fast and fun ride on the golf cart around their buildings, the garden, the bone yard, the fields, and through the trees.† Things look different in the dark.

Gunnar has some seedlings growing in cups which could mark the beginnings of the Norgaard Tree Farm.

Addie showed me a lean-to fort that they built when playing in the daytime with evergreen branches that she and Jenny have trimmed from the underbrush.

When we parked the golf cart and headed back to the house, Goliath was waiting for us.† There was evening, and there was morning, and God saw that it was good.