Shuttled at the Shore

The sky was gray, the ice was slippery, the day was cold, but not formidable nor freezing.  The Victoria  Fire Department arranged for people to be shuttled at the shore for the annual ice fishing contest on Stieger Lake.  Because of our wimpy weather, the ice wasn’t thick enough to support the usual lot of cars and trucks, but everyone took it all in stride.  It was Sunday, February 5th, Super Bowl Sunday.

Services of the Koch School Bus company were employed to move bodies from downtown to the lake.

Michelle (Kaufhold) Hammers of Victoria and Mike Wartman, former resident of Victoria, who won two raffle prizes according to cousin Randy Schneider who didn’t win any.

Paul Vogel of Victoria and his son Mason, Steve Harincar of Victoria, Bob Schmieg of Victoria, Jason Kamrath of Waconia, and Matt Reed.

Nancy Mullen, fiancée of Victoria Firefighter Dean Adams, and Victoria Firefighter Russ Wall.

(L-r):  Eric and Kim Neubarth of Norwood Young America, Steve and Kim Ische of Victoria, Jason and Stacy Neubarth of Hamburg, Tom Zerby of Chaska.  Reports Steve Ische, “We didn’t catch any fish but it is always fun mingling and talking to the other folks on the ice.”

Rhonda Brady of Mayer in the furry hat and Dawn Krause of Victoria on the right.  Did they catch any fish?  “Nope.”  Did they win any prizes?  “Nope.”  Said Dawn,  “But I had a lot of fun.  I go every year and support the firefighters.

(L-r):  At the picnic table, Beth Matvick and daughter Grace of Victoria, Betsy and Sam Reynolds of Waconia with Drake the Golden Retriever, Andy Trupe (fiancé of Chrissy Sohns) of Grasston, MN, Gary and Jean Sohns of Victoria, daughters Megan Sohns, Chrissy Sohns.

Keith Schmieg, left, and Victoria Firefighter Tom Walsh at the microphone, announcing fish caught and winners of prizes.

(L-r):  Mark and Lori Jesberg of Victoria, Jeff Chapman of Victoria, Mike Wartman of Prior Lake, John Schneider (son of Randy), Tom West of Victoria, Randy Schneider of Minnetonka, brother Dan Schneider of Maple Lake.

Last year Jacqueline Giovanni of Shakopee arrived on Superbowl Sunday as a Wisconsin Cheesehead.  This year she arrived in camo but was still spotted at the Fish Hunt.

(L-r):  Ben Allrich of Chanhassen, Aaron Frerichs of Chaska, Diane Lindeman of Chaska, Shelly Collins and Jason Collins of Victoria.  Said Diane, “The boys were fishing.  They didn’t catch anything or win anything, but it was still fun.  We enjoyed the chili, hamburgers, hotdogs, and hot chocolate.”

Victoria firefighters set up a tent from which they served their hot food.

Bobby Goral, an owner cousin of the Victoria House, with son Marley (center), and  friends Connor and Marcus.

Eric Johnson of Victoria, his son Bradley (far right) and Jona Pitzen (center) also of Victoria.  The dog is named Enzo because his owner drives a Ferrari, said Eric.  “We come to the fishing contest to support the Pitzens, who are big fishermen, and also the Victoria Fire Department.”

Some of the noses were pointed to the holes and poles, while others were pointed to the food tent.

These tracks on the ice of Stieger Lake were made prior to the start of ice fishing contest.  They help explain how that little hut in the center of this photo got to the lake … and also the picnic tables and tent and food paraphernalia.

Three Rivers Park District assisted the Victoria Fire Department by clearing the lake landing and the upper parking area prior to the event, and they hauled gravel to reduce the slipperiness.

The ice was about 12 to 14 inches thick, according to Victoria Firefighter Justin Jurek, and it didn’t get any thicker since temperatures were in the upper 30’s that day.

About 850 to 900 people attended the ice fishing contest and after a couple hours, they all left.

The crowd gathered up their children and their fishing gear and disbursed, walking to nearby vehicles or boarding buses to be shuttled at the shore to a parking lot upstream.

It was a wonderful day for getting some fresh air.

Dave Roberts was one of the bus drivers who assisted in shuttling the fishermen and guests to the lake and back that day.  The other bus driver was Ron Scheuble.  Thank you, guys, for helping out.  It was a fun day.

The End