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The Keeper of the Green by Tom Abts, Deer Run Golf Pro.  “Our Green Keeper, Barry Provo, keeps the total golf course green and healthy.  A top notch Green Keeper needs to be a scientist and an aetist.  Barry has a vast knowledge of grasses and fertilizers, along with soil, drainage, irrigation systems,  and the equipment to mow and maintain a beautiful golf course.”

It’s About Time!  by Tom Stumpf, Cowboy Corrspondent.  “There was a rumor floating about this recent spring that a certain columnist from a local newspaper had achieved the magical age of 62, the special age when a taxpaying citizen may start to retrieve the dollars which he has dutifully been sending to Uncle Sam for all these 40-plus years, to be misused and generally tinkled away.”

Visiting Veggies at the Farmer’s Market in Mnpls by Sue Orsen.  “We arrived before 12 noon but it was hot and humid and crowded to th curb.  The event is like a zoo without the animals.  Hordes of people and fresh vegetables mix together like at a flea market, which it also resembles, and is!”

Visiting Vegetarians at the Carver County Fair in Waconia by Sue Orsen.  “Every animal at the fair was friendly and seemed interested in me and my camera when I stopped by to say hi — except for the cows and horses.  Maybe that explains why the cow and horse barns are located at the far end of the fair grounds.”

Picking the Mayor’s Mind by Sue Orsen.  Replied Mayor Tom O’Connor, “National Night Out was held August 2nd.  With Officer Liz Gruehagen we had dinner an visited with many of the residents.  Liz and the squad car were a tremendous hit at each of our stops, particularly with the children.”

Ten Victoria Homes in Fall Parade by Wendy Danks, Builders Association of the Twin Cities.  “Parade Homes are located in 90 cities throughout the region.  Most (279) are priced in the $400,000’s.  Seventy-three (73) are in the $300,000s, with 80 in the $500,000’s and 103 in the $600,000s, and 41 over $1 million.”

Crocking it For Fall by Christie Schlueter, Regular Victoria Visitor.  “A crockpot is the perfect appliance to usher in the fall season upon us.  Using a crockpot makes things easier an fills the house with a wonderful aroma.”

A Birthday Gathering for Julianne by Sue Orsen.  “It gets to be true that age hardly matters, but birthdays always matter. 

Victoria’s First Full Time Fire Chief by City Manager Laurie Hokkanen.  “I’m very pleased to announce that the City of Victoria has hired Andrew Heger as the city’s first full time Fire Chief.

Erik Quarberg in Concordia Athletic Hall of Fame by Josh Deer, Concordia.  “He was a 3-time All-NSIC First Team selection, and named NSIC All-Tournament along with All-Central Regional 2nd Team.”

A Heart for Horticulture by Sue Orsen/The Victoria Gazette.  “The new Director of the MN Landscape Arboretum is ‘a local boy,’ as they say.  And with his recent rise to local prominence — he takes the reigns officially on September 16th — everyone lays claim to Peter Moe, including Victoria.  Click on Front Page.

Kicking Off Lions 50th Year by Laura O’Neill, Presiden, Victoria  Lions Club.  “We are quite proud to be celebrating our 50th anniversary this year, with two of our 24 founding charter members still attending our regular meetings every month — Lion Jerry Schmieg & Lion Wilfy Plocher.”

Battle of the Barge by Sue Orsen.  “It was a damp Thursday morning that turned into a damp afternoon and then a wet Friday and Saturday.  The barge was to be in place so it could be loaded with fireworks and maneuvered into place for the Saturday night display over the lake and city.”

Victoria’s Library Log by Kathy Perschmann, Carver County Library System.  “Author and naturalist Jim Gilbert will share his insights on statewide autumnal happenings on September 22nd.”

On the AuGUST Street in AUgust by Sue Orsen.  “Remember when people drove up to an A&W drive-in stand never got out of their car?  Carhops took your order and brought food to your window on a tray that required the driver’s window to be raised about three inches or so.”

Karen Herbst, 73, died Monday, August 8th.

Austin Simenson, 23, died Monday, August 1st.

Barbara Code, 69, died Wednesday, August 10th.

Road Safety & Victoria by Carver County Commissioner Randy Maluchnik.  “Carver County currently has a safety improvement project planned for Rolling Acres Road (CSAH 13) between State Hwy 5 and State  Hwy 7 in Victoria.”

4th Tonka Mud Run by Julie Kiefer, Victoria, MN.  “Once again, over 1,000 people were at Lake Minnewashta Regional Park for the event.  We had a number of Victoria residents join us.

Small Acts, Large ImpActs by Bill Olson, Victoria, MCWD Board of Managers.  “I represent Carver County on the Board of Managers of the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District, which recently held its 10th annual Minnehaha Creek Cleanup.”

Our Piece of Paradise by Chuck Freiberg, Up North Cabin Guy.  “I saw back after our projects were all done, on our lower deck area.  I felt so good that I had a second beer, only to find myself looking up at the underside of our upper deck and noticing some of the wooden support beams were starting to show evidence of rot.”

Ben Wartman in UST Athletic Hall of Fame by Mike Wartman.  “Ben is regarded as one of th top all-time football running backs for both St. Thomas and the MIAC.”

September 2016