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How’s Your Doggone Dog?  by Tom Stumpf, Cowboy Correspondent..  “Mineself and my copilot navigator Ms Patti hit the road with one single goal in mind:  How do the hotdogs in some of our neighboring major league ballparks compare to the dome dog?”

Picking the Mayor’s Mind by Sue Orsen.  “It’s been a very busy time for the mayor, council, and staff.  In other words, you didn’t get much of a summer vacation.  Here are my questions, Mr. Mayor.”

Real Deals on Home Decor  by Sue Orsen.  “Ruth Ertl, owner of Real Deals, moved her business from Waconia to Victoria, with the Grand Opening August 22-24.”

Tazzie’s Baby and Child by Sue Orsen.  “It’s a brand new store in Victoria owned by the Anderson family from this area.  Their tag is premium products for you and your little ones.”

Timeless Caddyshack by Tom Abts, Deer Run Golf Pro.  “Though it is a screwball comedy, it definitely captured the pretentiousness of the country club scene.  Golf boomed after Caddyshack.”

Motorcycles and Music by Thom Derr, Motorcycle Man.  “The hills are alive with the sound of music.  In the case of Sturgis, the Black Hills are alive with music, especially if you are motorcyclist.”

Grape Expectations by Jim Paulsen, Real Estate Rapper.  “Many of you have certainly noticed how the University’s Horticultural Farm in Victoria has been replacing some of their research stock of apple trees with grapevines.”

Playing in the Tonka Mud Run by Julie Kiefer, Victoria.  “Victoria residents joined over 350 runners who participated in the first annual Tonka Mud run at Lake Minnewashta Regional Park.”

Playing in the World Series by Tracy Ketchem.  “Our team, made up of twelve players with eight of them from Victoria, played in the USSSA World Series in Kansas in July.”

Happy 80th, J.W. by Sue Orsen.  “Julianne Wartman turned 80 on August 11th.  All seven kids and their spouses came home to Victoria for the occasion and a party a daughter Carol’s home.”

Class of ’48 Celebrates 65th Reunion by Ron Holtmeier, Victoria.  “Fifty-four graduated and 21 have passed on.  Fourteen classmates attended.”

Erasing the Rumble Strips  by Sue Orsen.  “MnDOT removed approximately 3,000 feet of rumble strips in Victoria in August, one year after they installed.”

From the Lions Den by Brian Tjenstrom, President.  “The Lions regular membership meetings are starting up again.”

A Wunderbar Victoria Volksfest by Sue Orsen/The Victoria Gazette.  “It was probably the most wonderful Volksfest ever.  The 80-degrees and balmy breezes were balanced by the brilliant blue sky decorated with big bouncy clouds that provided occasional shade reprieve.  Attendance  was estimated to be around 3,500.”  Click on Front Page.

Fall 2014 Parade of Homes by Wendy Danks, Builders Association of the Twin Cities.  “The Parade opens September 7th, features 324 new homes, five on them in Victoria, all free to tour.”

The Couch, the Garage, the Cat by Chuck Freiberg, Up North Cabin Guy.  “We took my dad up north to the cabin in August.  Abbott and Costello could have not have written what actually happened that weekend.”

The Great Bakery by Sue Orsen.  “Children on Lilac Lane in Victoria are making a tree fort and so opened a store to help pay for supplies like fairy garden stuff, flowers, wood, and more ladders.”

The Great Catch by Eric Hanson, Victoria.  “It didn’t take long for us to figure out that this fish was a good one.  After a bit of a battle I finally managed to land the monster, a 44-inch Tiger Musky, a fish of a lifetime.”

The Great Mollie B by Sue Orsen.  “Mollie B was the super star for us at the Stiftungsfest in Norwood Young America.  She played six instruments, sometimes two at a time, and sang better than a bird.”

Beer Time in the Brew Town by Mike Wartman, Former Resident of Victoria.  “Enki Brewing in Victoria is splashing onto the local beer-brewing scene and is destined to put Victoria on the beer map in Minnesota.”

Hot Time in the Old Town by Sue Orsen.  “Being on the streets of downtown Victoria on Classic Car Wednesday nights in August reminded me of an old song that goes like this …”

In the Neighborhood:  Emerald Ash Borer by Tom Stumpf, State Certified Applicator.  “This is a fairly new field, and the insect is not well established yet in our state.  However, they are moving in and the infestation will steadily grow.”

Energized and Strengthed by Kathe Matthews, Carver County Poet.  “As my son wakes up in the morning, he’s fully charged and he races down the stairs, happy to start a new day.”

High at the Carver County Fair by Sue Orsen.  “We rode many of the rides, jumped high with the bungee, visited most of the animals, ate caramel apples …”

Obituaries. Brenda Heltne, 49, died July 28th.  Kameron Gurule, 26, died August 10th.  Gary Allen Peterson, 50, died August 16th.

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