Picture Perfect by Sue Orsen.  “It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood.  The annual Volksfest arrived on Saturday, August 27th, under blue sky and clear day with perfect temperature.  It was, in fact, picture perfect.  Click on Front Page.

Shot-Making by Tom Abts, Deer Run Golf Pro.  “Shot-making is at the heart of playing golf an should be part of every player’s continual learning process …”

Local Artists Capture Corners of the World.  Jim Hansel of Chaska is being featured at the MN State Fair.  Tom Labandz is being featured at the MN Landscape Arboretum …”

Norgaards Capture a Corner of North Dakota by Jenny Orsen Norgaard.  “We continue to discover new wonders and adventures here in Tioga, ND.  It’s such an amazing place.  On Lake Sakakawea last week we found a huge sandy beach that we’ve never  seen before …”

Victoria’s Ice Cream Social by Sue Orsen.  “The Ice Cream Social at the Lake Auburn Moravian Church was held this year on the evening of August 18th.  The temperature registered 85 degrees at 5 p.m. …”

Just Like You and Me by Thom Derr, Rough Rider.  “I made my annual trip out to Sturgis again this year.  Due to some minor surgery, I trailered instead of riding out there and we stayed in the same Christian camp in Rapid City …”

Extreme Couponing by Mike McNiel, Fresh Seasons Market Store Manager.  “We have now joined the legions of retailers offering online coupons.  We invite you to  visit our website to take advantage of exclusive online-only coupon offers …”

At Canterbury Downs by Sue Orsen.  “It was a night at the racetrack for us, a wonderful evening on an outdoor terrace at Canterbury Park in Shakopee.  The event included free admission for us but also a delicious free wine and prime rib dinner …”

The Weathervane by Lucas Graunke, 16, Budding Climatologist.  “Earthquakes may not be very uncommon in the United States as a whole, but in the last week of August, two very unusual earthquakes struck places more accustomed to storms …”

What Money Cannot Buy by Mayor Mary Hershberger Thun, City of Victoria, MN.  “Our Founding Fathers envisioned a strong union based on rights that can’t be taken away, i.e., inalienable rights.  I encourage each of us to celebrate our differences …”

Remember When Lucy Nordberg was a teacher in Victoria?  It was 1930-1935 ...

Heavy Summer Feet by Sheriff Jim Olson.  “Summer  is when motorists get a heavy foot.”


8661 Deer Run Dr. * Victoria


1915 Arboretum Blvd * Victoria


33 West First Street * Waconia


Lake Auburn Moravian Church

Victoria  *  952-443-2051

An Evening of Delight by Sue Orsen.  “Approximately two dozen members of the St. Victoria Catholic Church signed up to be part of a talent show that ‘aired’ on Sunday, August 14th …”

The Art of Building Real Forts by Mike Wartman, Former Resident of Victoria.  “Poor Victoria kids in my day were forced to use a bit of imagination, ingenuity, sweat, and criminal activities to build our playhouses and forts …”

Getting Lost and Found by Tom Stumpf, Cowboy Correspondent.  “A couple weeks ago it was my great pleasure to journey to the McNallen ranch down south for the fifth annual Farm Jam, this being a low key, family hoedown …”

The Big Bad Tomato by Chuck Freiberg, Up North Cabin Guy.  “I’m writing this, my second story about cabin life Up North, hence the byline given me by the editor.  I’ve thought about writing a column for the Gazette since we first moved to Victoria.”

Proposal to Reduce County  Levy by $1 Million by Randy Maluchnik, Carver County Commissioner.  “The county administrator’s recommendation seeks to lower the 2012 property tax levy by $1 million from 2011 to $45,179,720.”

Zebra Mussels Crawling All Over Lake Minnetonka and Other Places by Telly Mamayek, MCWD.  “Initial sampling by the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District found that zebra mussels are rapidly spreading through Lake Minnetonka.  They were first found in Wayzata Bay.”

Give Our Children a High View of Marriage by Ethel Ausink, Senior Citizens Reporter.  “Many singles are confused and frustrated over how to date or court.  Sometimes young people and adults overlook the fact that family and church have a vital role …”

Julia Mary Diffily, 90, died peacefully at her home in Weatherford Texas, on January 5th, 2011.  She was born in Victoria …

Kids Koncert by Sue Orsen.  “Another concert in Victoria’s backyard, under the canopy of oak trees, brought dozens of little ones to Lions Park in August …”

Everybody Lives in One by Bill Olson, MCWD.  “Wherever you live, you are part of a water-shed.  Ours drains into Minnehaha Creek to the Mississippi River …”

30 Years Ago the Gazette featured the railroad track through Victoria in “Trackin’ it Down; 100 Years of Railroad Ties.”

20 Years Ago the Gazette featured Red and Elaine Anderson in “A Second Wind, A Second Life.”

10 Years Ago the Gazette featured Dave and Marlene Speltz in “On Moonlight Bay.”

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