Following Fay by Sue Orsen. “As one would expect, sitting in downtown New Orleans during hurricane season turns the antenna toward the Gulf of Mexico, not to mention the deep red and orange swirls on weather maps …”  Click on Front Page.

Olympic Observations by Susan B. McConnell, Author and Counselor.  “Viewing the games on television, I learned some valuable lessons from these accomplished athletes that can be applied to everyday life:  Attitude is every-thing … Practice makes perfect.  Be willing to admit mistakes …”

Monitoring Energy Consumption in Carver County by Randy Maluchnik, Carver County Commissioner.  “The increasing cost of fuel and utilities has resulted in some families looking at ways to balance their budgets and conserve fuel.  Carver County faces similar challenges with escalating costs.”

How Sweet the Sound by Thom Derr, Rough Rider.  “This year at Sturgis we were at one of these rustic campgrounds, ‘rustic’ meaning community showers and bathrooms.  The AC was provided by a mountain stream, which also provided white noise all night …”

Under the Microscope by Tom Abts, Deer Run Golf Course.  “Often we let technology take control of our lives.  All these time-savers such as cell phones seem to ramp up the pressure so that we have less free time instead of more.

Honoring the Past by Pastor Frank Jones, Lake Auburn Moravian Church.  “Our 150th Anniversary Committee has gone into the records to glean events and pictures from the past and made preparations to share the findings.  This collage will be a channel for us to connect with the past …”

A Seedy Business in Victoria by Bill Walker, Three Rivers Park District.  “About September 1st, 1857, roughly 151 years ago, a steamboat arrived at the up and coming river town of Chaska, recently appointed county seat of Carver County, Minnesota Territory.  Somewhere on board stood Wendelin Grimm …”

The Sheriff’s Shingle by Sheriff Bud Olson, Carver County, Minnesota.  “We have a few reminders to give drivers, parents, and students a safe school year.  When the bus has red lights and stop arm extended, you must stop for the bus and wait until the bus turns off the lights and retracts the stop arm …”

Incredible Series of Events by Pastor Thomas Braun, Christ Victorious Lutheran Church.  “Paul Hamm was a gold medal American hopeful for the 2004 Olympics in Athens.  He did very well in the first three rounds, but a disastrous fall on the vault dropped him to 12 place …”

Obituaries.  Jeffrey Wynn, 57, died August 10th.  Debra Diethelm Larson, 47, died August 24th.  Jeanine Schmieg, 73, died August 27th.  Jean Bongard, 75, died August 30th.

8661 Deer Run Dr. * Victoria


1915 Arboretum Blvd * Victoria


On Stieger Lake * Victoria


Floor to Ceiling

33 West First Street * Waconia


Lake Auburn Moravian Church

Victoria  *  952-443-2051

The Great Fair Story by Mike Wartman, Former Resident of Victoria.  “Everyone went to the State Fair except those from Victoria.  The biggest reason was the proverbial and oft spoken parent Victoria line, “Everything at the State Fair, we have in Victoria.”

It’s Sort of Comforting by Tom Stumpf, Cowboy Correspondent.  “It’s been said that the more things change, the more they remain the same.  Don’t know who said it first, or why, but the fact proves itself true on many occasions …”

Rah! Rah! Recipe!  from Maryann Porter, Victoria, Minnesota.  “I was notified recently that I will have a recipe in the Minnesota 150th Anniversary Cookbook.  My recipe was one of the 200 selected out of 800 submissions they received …”

The Devil Didn’t Make You Do It by Pastor Bill Bonner, Waterbrooke Fellowship.  “As a pastor I’m frequently asked about the spirit world.  Films such as The Exorcist and others like it call for clarification regarding Satan or Lucifer or the Devil or any of the other names he is referred to in scripture.  Is he real?  Yes.”

Looking at Public Service by Mayor Mary Hershberger Thun, City of Victoria, MN.  “Over the last month I have been speaking to groups who want to know about Victoria.  One of the groups came “all the way” from Minneapolis.

The Weather Vane by Lucas Graunke, 12, Budding Climatologist.  “It’s over.  Summer’s gone.  It’s almost time to pull out the coats, mittens, hats, scarfs, and many other things.  In fact, if you live up in the northland, you would have pulled them out in late August already …”

Stinky Feet?  Sewer Breath?  by Pastor Thomas Braun, Christ Victorious Lutheran Church.  “As their wedding day approached, a young couple grew apprehensive about getting married.  Each had a problem that they had never before shared with anyone, not even to each other …”

20 Years Ago the Gazette featured George and Esther Bender in “A Good Way of Growing.”  They were married 50 years on September 24th …
10 Years Ago the Gazette featured Eliza (Dickey) Manning, celebrating her 102nd birthday, in “A Lady for the Ages.” 

Remember When the east side of Main Street Victoria was comprised of these five buildings in a row?  They rested there for years and years … the Old DX Gas Station, the Victoria Creamery, Tuffy’s Tavern, Victoria Liquors, Main Street Hair Company.

Black Liberation Theology by Ethel Ausink, Senior Citizens Reporter.  “Has anyone heard of it?  Do you know what it is and who supports it?  Black theology will accept only the love of God which participates in the destruction of the white enemy.  The task of black theology is to kill gods who do not belong to the black community …”

Highway 5 in Victoria


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