Senior Expo with Don Shelby

Don Shelby, newscaster for WCCO-TV turned author and public speaker, was the big draw bringing in a record number of registered guests to the annual Carver County Senior Expo.  The second big draw was a Chicken Dinner provided by Hillcrest Café and Catering.  Thank you, Christine Drasher, of Emerald Crest in Victoria, for the special invitation to the Gazette.

Why do Senior Citizens cross the road?  Because they perceive there is something worth their while on the other side.  At least 230 senior citizens crossed the road on Thursday, October 18th, to attend the Carver County Senior Expo at the Waconia High School with the stage amenities for a stage presence.

It was interesting to see Don Shelby’s retirement hairdo, which was not evident on WCCO News.

Hanging out with Don Shelby (l-r):  Rosie Williams, Janette Healy, Doris Lucas, Pat Wittrock, Jim Carmichael, Shirley Carlson, Don, Karen Campbell, Monica Grengs.

Several “vendors” of information were available for guests at the Expo.

The “vendors” came in all ages and smiles.

Notice the popularity of leather jackets and jean jackets.

As I said, the Chicken Dinner was also a big draw.  Where were all the students at the Waconia High School?  It was MEA. 

Hi, Dave and Rosie Williams of Victoria.

Hi, Marvin and Lillian Reich of Victoria.

Hi, Ron and Harriet Holtmeier of Victoria.

Hi, Larry and Fran Schuler of St. Bonifacius.

Hi, Lucille ‘Toots’ Wagener and Nancy Sohns.

Hi, Merlin and Marilyn Loge of Norwood Young America.

Hi, Ruth Harms, Diane Theis, and Patricia Hartmann.  I didn’t take pictures of the other 215 dinner guests.

The End