Scrapbooking Bridal Shower

Guest of Honor at the shower on August 18th, 2007,  was Jen Ellingson,
bride to be of Nick Orsen.

Jenny Norgaard, sister of Nick, arranged the shower to be held at the Cool Breeze Cottage in Waconia, a house set up especially for scrapbooking or quilting gatherings.

I helped arranged a few things, including the flowers.

Hi, Dad and Mom and Steve.  Thank you for driving to "the cities."

Hi, Nancy and Barb and Allan.

Hi, Helen!  We welcome your daughter to the family.

Allan's cousin Sue Boatman and my sister Nancy graduated together from Minneota High School.

Jen and her mom as we get ready for lunch.

The scrapbooking room was spacious.  Jenny taught us everything we needed to know.

And Jenny purchased and  prepared gifts for everybody in attendance that included several supplies necessary and fun to make scrapbooking pages for Jen and a brand new album of her very own.

And now it's time to open presents.

And look at the scrapbook we all made for Jen.

Okay, Jen, it's time to dig in!

That's the way.

Love, Sue