Roger Oas Turns 60

There is a fellow in Victoria, Minnesota, who looks and acts just like Jack Nicholson.  He's been looking and acting that way for 60 years now, and he's much more famous at the Victoria House than his Hollywood look alike.  Roger Oas just turned 60 and there was a surprise birthday party thrown in his honor by some family and friends at his son Ryan's house.

Roger Oas does not do "About Schmidt" or "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest."  He just picks up a microphone and does any ol' song you'd like as Roger Oas.

He poses here with some of his fishing buddies (left to right):  Terry Schwalbe, Hi, Roger,
Al Orsen, and Dick Keller.

And then it's back to the karoake mike, which his friends thoroughly enjoy as you can see.

Roger's grandsons love their celebrity grandfather and keep an eye on the karoake screen to make sure he's getting all the words right.

Two of Roger's best girlfriends are JoJo Schmieg (left) and Elaine Ward, who also happens to be the grandmother of Roger's grandchildren on the other side.  Roger's wife Holly died some years ago -- a tragic loss -- and the family remains friends.

One might say that Roger's son is a chip off the ol' block.  Thank you, Ryan, for allowing some of your father's friends to upset your nice townhome for an entire evening.

When there is a microphone at the Lions Softball Tournament or Floyd's or anywhere else, you can take bets that Roger will find it.  Who does he sound like?  He's not George Strait or Randy Travis.  He's, like, more of a combination between Elvis Presley and Perry Como.

Happy Birthday, Roger Oas.  Teach that grandson to sing!

The End

Love, Sue


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