Ribbon Cutting for Fresh Seasons

When Victoria’s first grocery store was built in 1898, the store’s motto was “Everything to Eat and Wear.”  Victoria’s second grocery store was built in 2009, more than one hundred years later, and the new store’s motto could easily be, “Everything to Eat and More.”

Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at the front entrance to Fresh Seasons Market in downtown Victoria occurred on the morning of Saturday, April 4th, 2009.

Several photographers and hundreds of people marked the occasion., including store owners Dale Riley (in the vest) and Tom Wartman (in the brown sportcoat).

Mayor Mary Thun, in the orange jacket, welcomed the new grocery store to the community.

She thanked the Victoria City Councilmembers and Staff for their work and support to make the grocery store possible.

She encouraged everyone to spread the good word about Victoria, Minnesotea.

Posing for the ribbon cutting (l-r):  Janet and Dale Riley (owners), Gene Lotts (store manager) and wife Julie, Mary Page (manager of the Glen Lake Fresh Seasons, behind the Lotts), Councilmember Tim Amundsen (in back), Councilmember Tom O’Connor, Mayor Mary Thun, Councilmember Kim Roden, Richard Tieden (former councilmember), Jane and Tom Wartman (owners).

The moment everyone was waiting for, waiting for decades, in fact.

The Fresh Seasons parking lot and downtown Victoria was bustling with activity.

The Carver County Sheriff’s Department assisted with traffic control during the morning event. 

Welcome, Fresh Seasons!

Love, Sue