Renaissance Festival in Shakopee

We attended an “Exclusive Preview Party” of the 2014 Renaissance Festival in Shakopee on Thursday, August 7th.

It was an amazing party and we thank the Renaissance for the wonderful evening.

The festivities, entertainment, and grounds were medieval.

The ladies and gents were dressed for the occasion.

The shishkabobs were tasty and the turkey leg was outstanding.

Allan and I shared one of the famous turkey legs.

It was sweet and salty, moist and tender.

The stilted guy said he has to keep moving in order to maintain his balance.

The Renaissance Festival is open weekends from August 16th through September 28th this year, plus Labor Day and Festival Friday, September 26th.

The Festival is held in rain or shine.

Although the Minnesota Renaissance Festival has been held for years and years (44 to be exact), this was the very first time I attended.

It is the time of year when we spent a week at an APWA Conference somewhere around the country, or when we traveled to other lands with friends.  It’s when we attended the MN State Fair with my parents, when we celebrated our daughter’s birthday, when choir weekends begin.

One other thing making it very possible to attend this Preview Party, it was on a Thursday evening.

Editor Sue

One of the most interesting aspects about the Minnesota Renaissance Festival is the access to it.

Most of the time, coming or going, you think you’ve surely made a wrong turn.

Especially when you bump along on a gravel section.

Yes, we drove through a gravel pit to get to the Renaissance Festival.

When we look back at the fun evening, we think about the stilts, the music, and the giant turkey leg.