Red Moose Coffee Hus

We drove out to Tioga, ND, on Tuesday, August 15th, to spend a few days with daughter Jenny and family and see her coffee shop firsthand, all put together and open for business in downtown Tioga.  That’s her friend Cody Clark who is like her right hand man at the Red Moose Coffee Hus.

See the red moose?  Jenny did the tiling.  Chris did the plumbing.  Do you remember it was the old downtown bank building?  Much of the demolition and initial overhaul and kitchen installation was done ten years ago for living space for oil workers.

This year they installed new windows, refurbished the floors, and added fresh paint and lots of inviting furniture!

Addie is Jenny’s favorite weekend helper.  Lots of her friends stop in to hang out and drink ice mocha and fancy flavors.

Gunny knows how to make his own drinks.

Addie had a full time job babysitting three kids every day and she walked over with them to the coffee shop.

The vault is Jenny’s storage area — for coffee flavors, coffee, cups, napkins, a chest freezer for ice and all kinds of other good stuff.

This picture is clearer than the first one but I missed half the moose here, as you can see.

Do you see what this is?  An old whiskey barrel.  Chris put a handle on it for Jenny and she painted it.

She filled it with red petunias and set it in front of the Red Moose Coffee House.

Jenny, in front of her coffee shop.

We made a stop at St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church, so Jenny could tend to some business there.

I stayed outside and took a couple pictures.

Addie and Gunnar are altar servers — not every weekend but close to it.

Then we drove out to the farm.

Goliath and Lucy followed Jenny on her way to visit Henny Penny.

Henny Penny is a lone survivor, the only one of the flock to escape weasels and whatever else eats chickens.

Gunnar loves to play football.  He’s in 7th grade now

Addie is now in 9th grade and she loves to play volleyball.  Their first day of school at Tioga High was August 21st.

One night Jenny took me for a wild ride on their razer — through the woods, through the boneyard, past the wheat fields, and then back to their yard for fireworks.

Jenny and Chris each have their own semi parked in their boneyard.

What’s in them?  Everything, it seems, including their Christmas tree.

Ready for Christopher to set off fireworks.