Quite the Choir!

                 The 2010 Spring Choir Party meant more of the same -- food, fun, and karaoke -- which is why the annual gathering is always well attended.  Members of the choir of the St. Victoria Catholic Church in Victoria gathered at the O’Malley residence in Victoria on Saturday evening, May 15th.  Many of them are pictured here along with their spouses, and several of those spouses are also members of the choir.  Do they get the summer off?  Not really.  They’re scheduled to sing at least twice a month during June, July, and August.

Jamie Moore runs his karaoke, Cowboy Tom works the mic, and girls dance and sway with the music.

Walt and Kelly Brunotte.

Val Swanson stole the mic from the cowboy.

Darlene and Chub Williams.

Potluck feeds everybody well.

Ellen and Doug O’Malley host the annual Spring Choir Party.

Back at the cowboy.

Michelle and Patrick McNallan, still the lovebirds.

Thom Derr on the left, Chuck Schmidt with the bald spot, Patrick and Lynn McMahon, Al Orsen.

Ellen with her pooch on the porch, and Diane Robinson.

Some of the audience.

Mary Riley and Darlene Williams.

Jamie hauls out another mic, one for Tom and one for Pat.

Lisa and Patrick Payne.

Julianne Wartman has been in choir longer than anyone else.

Sherry and Daryl Ekstrom.

Chuck Freiberg is also fond of the mic.

Patrick and Lynn McMahon.

Judy Janisch joins the picture.

Wanda Baldus, Julianne, and Pam Schmillen.

Marge and Roger Leuthner.

Wanda and Carol Schmidt enjoy the spring greenery scenery.

Gary and Joan Guertz on the left, Garret Manzi and the McNallans on the right.

Patrick gets fresh.

Better than Barefoot Becky.

Where you normally find the editor.

Love, Sue