Posse Patrol in Victoria

Love, Sue

         I met the equestrians in the parking lot near Poppitz Field at Lions Park where they had trailered their horses and saddled up to patrol Victoria.

Swifty is a painted horse that belongs to Officer Terry Kaiser, a rider with an accent that easily betrays her deep southern roots.  “Y’all have it very nice up here in Minnesota.  It’s been a nice summer.”  Her husband’s job called them north; they now live in Chaska.

Cowboy is a white stallion that belongs to Officer Emily Boote of Chaska.  “They are our own horses and there is no cost to the taxpayer for this service.  We’re called to be a presence in the area and today we got to do Victoria.” 

First they sauntered south toward the Victoria Recreation Center and then bridled north along Victoria Drive.

It was a nice warm September day to be on posse patrol.

They carefully crossed the downtown Victoria intersection …

… to get to the other side, of course.

Neither horses nor riders were interested in a watering hole …

and only two of them were interested in facing the camera.

The officers and their horses are members of the Carver County Sheriff’s Mounted Posse.

They stopped to visit kid and their families as they progressed through the village.

The Posse is a volunteer organization that assists the Sheriff’s Office with security and crowd control, search and rescue operations, community relations and outreach activities, as well as special missions assigned.

And then they left Victoria.  Happy trails to you until we meet again.