Porta Sancta

Editor Sue

Porta Sancta is Latin for Holy Door. 

It has come to mean more today as Pope Francis declared this to be the Jubilee Year of Mercy, and he has extended permission to bishops around the world to open Holy Doors in their own diocese.

In Minnesota, one of the Holy Doors opens to the St. Paul Cathedral in St. Paul (in these photos).  Another opens to the Basilica of St. Mary in Minneapolis.

Important favors are offered to those pilgrims who travel through a Holy Door and follow up with significant rubrics. 

As Pope Francis said, “The Holy Door will become a door of Mercy which anyone who enters will experience the love of God who consoles, pardons, and instills hope.”

The pictures in this little segment of Sue’s Album were taken on March 4th, 2016, at the Cathedral.  It’s an amazing place with a century of history.

Well, actually, its history can be traced directly to Jesus Christ who lived and died over 2,000 year ago.

Those who dare might spend an hour there.