Playing at the Mall

Jenny and the kids arrived in Victoria on Wednesday, March 14th, from the north woods country of Minnesota where they now live.  We bundled up the kids and the wagon and headed for the Mall of America the very next day.

Other people had the same idea as we did.

Addie, 4, and Gunnar, 2, were happy to share toys at Lego Land.

Spring was blooming at the Mall of America.

Addie and Gunny were laughing and giggling so loud that I can still hear them.

The stools at the Rain Forest are not like the stools in Grandma Sue's kitchen.

Every 15 minutes the gorillas swing in the trees and are funny just like Addie and Gunny.

"Let's go home now, Grandma."

Grandpa Al was waiting for us.

The End

Love, Sue